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(6) 指定商品又は指定役務について需要者の間に広く認識された他人の登録商標と他の文字又は図形等と結合した商標は、その外観構成がまとまりよく一体に表されているもの又は観念上の繋がりがあるものを含め、原則として、その他人の登録商標と類似するものとする。
(6) A trademark combining another person’s registered trademark that is widely recognized in respect of the designated goods or designated services with other letters or figures, including one whose appearance in totality is well formed or one having a connection in concept, is judged as similar to that another person’s trademark, in principle, excluding however cases where the part of another person’s trademark has become an established word.
(例) 類似する例
テープレコーダについて「SONYLINE」、「SONY LINE」又は
Similarity recognized between:
“SONYLINE,” “SONY LINE” or “SONY/LINE” and “SONY” in respect of tape recorders
“ラブロレアル” [LOVE L ‘OREAL] and “L ‘OREAL” in respect of cosmetics
“PAOLOGUCCHI” and “GUCCI” in respect of bags
“JALFLOWER” and “JAL” in respect of air transportation services
“東宝白梅” [TOHO HAKUBAI] and “東宝” [TOHO] in respect of film making
Similarity not recognized between:
“TOSHIHIKO” and “IHI” in respect of metal working machinery and tools
“アルバイト” [ARUBAITO] and “ALBA / アルバ” [ARUBA] in respect of watches and clocks
“せがれ” [SEGARE] and “セガ” [SEGA] in respect of playing machines and tools
Note: Item 7, Part 8: Article 4(1) (x), Chapter III of the Guidelines shall apply mutatis mutandis to judgments as to whether the trademark is widely recognized or not to the relevant consumers.
(7) 商号商標(商号の略称からなる商標を含む。以下同じ。)については、商号の一部分として通常使用される「株式会社」「商会」「CO.」「K.K.」「Ltd.」「組合」「協同組合」等の文字が出願に係る商標の要部である文字の語尾又は語頭のいずれかにあるかを問わず、原則として、これらの文字を除外して商標の類否を判断するものとする。
(7) A trademark composed of a trade name (including a trademark composed of an abbreviation of a trade name, as hereinafter applicable) having such characters as
“Co.,” “K.K.” “Ltd.,” etc. customarily used as part of a trade name is judged with those characters removed as a general rule, irrespective of their position respective to the primary part of the trademark, either at its head or end.
6.(1) 商標の構成部分中識別力のある部分が識別力のない部分に比較して著しく小さく表示された場合であっても、識別力のある部分から称呼又は観念を生ずるものとする。
(2) 商標が色彩を有するときは、その部分から称呼又は観念を生ずることがあるものとする。
(3) 商標の要部が、それ自体は自他商品の識別力を有しないものであっても、使用により識別力を有するに至った場合は、その部分から称呼を生ずるものとする。
6. (1) A trademark having a distinctive part conspicuously small compared with its indistinctive part is judged to produce a sound or concept from that distinctive part.
(2) A trademark composed of a colored part can be judged to produce a sound or concept from that part.
(3) A trademark with its primary part not distinctive itself and lacking in its function to distinguish an applicant’s goods or services from those of others but having come to gain its distinctiveness through use is judged to produce a sound and concept from that part.
primary part :要部
a distinctive part:識別力のある部分

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