TSUBAKI PATENT LAW FIRM in JAPAN provides a high quality and cost-effective Intellectual Property (IP) services for foreign clients.
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(1) We obtain broad and strong Japanese IP rights for our foreign clients in a short period of time.
(2) We provide a close relationship with our foreign clients for supporting our client’s success in Japan and worldwide market.
(3) We keep fees and costs for our services to a reasonable level.

Legal Service Areas:
Our services provided fall into the following categories:
(1) Patent (prosecution, litigation and licensing)
  ・PCT national phase application entry into Japan
  ・Applications claiming priority under the Paris Convention
(2) Trademark (prosecution, litigation and licensing)
(3) Design (prosecution, litigation and licensing)
(4) Utility model (prosecution, litigation and licensing)
(5) Copyright matters for computer programs and contents used for Information Technology

Areas of Expertise:
Our IP law experience covers many different technologies. For example, we deal with the following technical areas.
(1) Computer Software
(2) Computer Hardware
(3) Electrical & Electronic Technology
(4) Mechanical Technology
(5) Nanotechnology
(6) Chemistry & Material Engineering
(7) Physics


We accept credit cards payment.

≫ Patent Application in Japan

If you wish to take advantage of the Paris Convention to apply in Japan, you must file an application at the Japan Patent Office (JPO) within one year from the priority date. You can apply in either English or Japanese. If you apply in English, you must submit a Japanese translation within two months from the date of filing the application in Japan.

If you choose to apply in Japan via the PCT, you must file an application at the JPO within 30 months from the priority date. In this scenario, you must submit a Japanese translation within two months from the date of filing the application in Japan.

≫ For the success of a patent application in Japan

To apply in Japan, you must submit a Japanese translation. The application will be examined based on the translation, not on the original.

Japanese is arguably one of the most complex languages in the world. Significant skills are required to accurately translate from a foreign language into Japanese.

A problem in a translation may lead to an unnecessary rejection of the application by the JPO, or to extremely narrow construction of a claim in the case of an infringement litigation. Inappropriate or incorrect translation might even render the patent invalid. Such situations will put you at a great disadvantage in license negotiations.

Tsubaki Patent Law Firm offers you high-quality translations produced by experienced translators capable of understanding technical content and working in close cooperation with patent attorneys. It will eliminate the risk of an unnecessary rejection by the JPO and help you win rights that will give you advantages in future license negotiations and infringement litigations.

In addition: Have you ever had unpleasant experiences in which your Japanese agent was not able to smoothly communicate with you or your Japanese agent did not understand technical content relating to your patent applications? Have your Japanese agents ever failed to work as you instructed them to? Have they ever charged you a fee that you found unreasonable considering their work?

Tsubaki Patent Law Firm solves such problems typical of Japanese patent law firms by:
 - maintaining close communication with clients and foreign patent attorneys/agents;
 - fully understanding technical content; and
 - offering a reasonable fee system.