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Article 4. Conditions of Patentability of Inventions
(1)A technical solution in any area, relating to a product (for instance a device, substance, microorganism strain, cell culture of plants or animals) or process (process of affecting a material object using material means) shall be protected as an invention.
An invention shall be granted legal protection if it is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable.
An invention shall be deemed new if it is not anticipated by prior art.
An invention shall involve an inventive step if, having regard to the state of the art, it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art.
The state of the art shall consist of any kind of information published anywhere in the world, and made available to the public, before the priority date of the invention.
When the novelty of an invention is determined, the state of the art shall also include, on condition of their earlier priority, all applications filed in the Russian Federation by other applicants for inventions and utility models, to the documents of which any person is entitled to get access as per Paragraph 6 of Article 21 or as per part two of Article 25 of the present Law, and inventions and utility models that have been patented in the Russian Federation.
An invention shall be deemed industrially applicable if it can be used in industry, agriculture, public health and other sectors of the economy.
Such disclosure of information, relating to the invention, by the author, applicant or any person having obtained the information directly or indirectly from them, that made information on the essence of the invention public, shall not be deemed as rendering the invention unpatentable, if the application for the invention were filed with the Federal executive authority on intellectual property within six months after said disclosure of information.
The burden of proof of the foregoing shall be on the applicant.
・新規性、進歩性に関しての先行技術は、「kind of information published anywhere in the world, and made available to the public」とあるので、ロシア国内外の刊行物記載技術に限られ、国内外での公知、国内外での公用は先行技術に当たらないように読める。この点、実用新案法(Article5)ではロシア国内での公用に関して記載されており、単なる法令英訳時の抜けではないかと思う(未確認)。
・29条の2に関し、「earlier priority」との規定により、後願排除後は、外国優先日を基準に認められるものと思われる(多分)。この点は、日本特許庁の実務とは同じであり、ヒルマードクトリンを踏襲するアメリカ合衆国とは異なる。
・29条の2に関し、「When the novelty of an invention is determined, 」の規定によると、未公開先願は、進歩性判断における先行技術とはならないように読める。この点も、日本法と同じであり、アメリカ合衆国とは異なる・・・ように読めるが、ロシア語の原文での意味は違うのかもしれない。

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